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ISO 20022 delay: a stitch in time saves nine 

European financial institutions are leaders in ISO 20022 implementation, according to the International Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). However, organizations that delay the process deliberately can ultimately be left in the lurch.  The landmark year of 2023 is coming to an end. In March, several global payment systems moved to ISO 20022. Among them were […]


Custom database migration: how to eliminate production bottlenecks?  

By utilizing data from both MySQL and Microsoft SQL, an industrial manufacturer could streamline their workflow while keeping historical CIMCO project data. The key to success was a proprietary custom software developed by CCA Europe.   How to eliminate bottlenecks in business processes? Often, their root cause is poor communication between departments, which leads to information […]


Future of data integration: traditional, cloud or hybrid? 

Wrapped in data, and with its volume growing faster than ever, decision-making is dependent on reliable information. Bringing the information stored in different data lakes together for the overview that the executives need is a major challenge. That’s where data integration technologies come in handy.  This article discusses:  ​Data integration is meant to aggregate data […]