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Data collection and analysis in a manufacturing company: the key to success

Manufacturing companies must respond quickly to changing market conditions. A crucial element for success is the collection and analysis of production data,  which must be available for real-time analysis.  In this article you’ll learn:   The importance of collecting production data   Manufacturing data provides valuable information on every aspect of production, from raw material consumption to […]

Data-driven manufacturing: unlock the power of your data

Technology enables the collection of vast amounts of information. Production managers must maximize its utility to enhance operations, boost productivity, and cut costs. Welcome to the era of data-driven manufacturing.    In this article, you’ll learn:  Data-driven manufacturing involves making decisions grounded in key performance indicators rather than relying on guesses or “hunches.” It also encompasses […]

Navigating chaos: AI in Ukraine’s war and lessons learnt 

The war in Ukraine is being fought in the digital realm too. Amidst its shadows, the country is swiftly harnessing its extensive data reservoirs for civilian necessities. AI-powered solutions are showcasing their prowess in the most challenging conditions, making the lives of weary citizens more bearable. Businesses are drawing valuable lessons from these experiences.  In […]

Case study: data scraping or harnessing the potential of big data

How to effectively, quickly, and efficiently monitor 340 different websites for specific information? For a training company, we designed and implemented an efficient process for automatically gathering data from the web. Here’s our take on web scraping.   From this text you will learn:   A training company aiming to consistently acquire clients needs to stay updated […]

Clean data, clear path: mastering data hygiene in your organization

To unlock your organizational success, you need reliable and structured data. Our text explores effective data management strategies that empower organizations to harness the true potential of their data assets.    From this post you will learn:  How to assess data quality?  Data quality depends on many factors. High-quality data is:   > up-to-date: created, managed and […]

ISO 20022 delay: a stitch in time saves nine 

European financial institutions are leaders in ISO 20022 implementation, according to an International Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). However, organizations that delay the process deliberately can ultimately be left in the lurch.  The landmark year of 2023 is coming to an end. In March, several global payment systems moved to ISO 20022. Among them were […]

Baas vs. Embedded Banking: who should control banking IT? 

The popularity of the Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) model is on the rise globally. However, many banks and institutions have realized that it could be a potential technological dead end. Is Embedded Banking a better solution? Not necessarily. What if we could merge both models and harness the best of both worlds?  In recent years, IT companies […]