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Payres: deadline buffer for CHAPS ISO 20022 migration

With smart solutions in place, you can reroute your timeline for the ISO 20022 new messaging standard by June 2022. What’s more, your CHAPS ISO 20022 transition project can be leveraged to win market advantage. Clearing House Automated Payment System (CHAPS) is the fastest payment model in the UK and one of the first European […]


Pan-European instant payments: is TIPS worth the while?

In developed countries, instant money transfers are something that has moved on from “nice to have” to “must have”. There is practically nothing that would prevent an international instant transfer settlement system, except that building one is a demanding task. National instant payment systems are already operational or are being launched worldwide. Banks across Europe […]


Data-driven culture in banking

Banks collect and process vast amounts of data, yet few approach it as if it were the most valuable of their assets! In fact, it is fair to say that when it comes to extracting relevant and useful business insights from their data, banks are not maximizing their value. According to Capgemini’s “For Successful Banking […]

ISO 20022 implementation: let not the little leaks sink the ship

The world of finance is undergoing the most profound transformation since the launch of the first core systems. Instant payment platforms are  an entirely new market infrastructure, based on the international standard ISO 20022 Financial Services. Improved data,new opportunities ISO 20022 is an increasingly common global language for payment messaging. This standard, based on the […]

Generalists or specialists: does narrow specialization pay off?

The Polish Software Development Association (SoDA) asked me for my opinion whether narrow specialization pays off. As the owner and CEO of a software house specialized in the financial sector, I am a supporter of field specialization. Complex projects connected with specific and complicated disciplines such as finance require a high entry threshold. There is […]

Hello, Britannia! CCA Europe takes up business in the UK

After many successful international projects, we have opened the next chapter in our company’s history. From now on, CCA Europe will also operate in the UK! With Brexit looming on the horizon, many companies are hesitant to venture into the British market. But where other companies see the danger, we see opportunity. On 26 August […]