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ISO 20022: a new standard in a complex environment

Fintech Connect 2022 webinar. What is ISO 20022 readiness in UK? 

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Most banks are only partially ready for ISO 20022, according to a survey conducted during the webinar at the Fintech Connect 2022 conference. Can we indeed get ready for payment innovations, or are we to brace ourselves for a new Neverending…

ISO 20022 in Islamic banking: halal or not?

Is islamic finance an ethical and fair alternative to modern banking, or is it an incomprehensible parallel world of finance? Regardless of where you come from, the Islamic finance system is part of cross border banking. As such, it…

Variable Recurring Payments (VRP): open banking needs flexible solutions

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The vision that the bank takes care of all your payments is tempting. Is there a new era of smart direct debits ahead? The technological key to popularizing variable recurring payments (VRP) are tools that enable advanced management…