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ISO 20022: a new standard in a complex environment

MT/MX converter for ERP: a lifeline for corporate accountin

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If corporate back-office systems are not upgraded in time for the implementation of ISO 20022, we can expect critical payment bottlenecks in large companies. How to convert SWIFT messages to upgrade corporate ERP systems?This article…

Data-driven work efficiency: knock over your IT banking architecture!

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Improved work efficiency is one of the results of the “overturning” of IT banking architecture from vertical silos to horizontal data fabric. In exchange, you can count on increased efficiency and better customer experience and employee…

SWIFT said “nyet”. How does it feel to be on the sidelines of the global economy?

Russia's disconnection from SWIFT as part of the sanctions for its attack on Ukraine was discussed by EU stakeholders for several weeks. For some time, several member states did not support this step. In the end, the Italian finance minister…