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ISO 20022: a new standard

for a complex environment

Will you be ready in time for the upcoming changes?

In November 2022, the foundation of the new and more flexible standard comes into force, SWIFT MX, based on the international ISO 20022 Financial Services standard.

Changes related to the implementation of the new XML standard affect all systems, processes and technologies of the banking architecture. To not lose voice in global banking when the new communications standard is implemented in 2022, organizations can implement an independent MT/MX converter in the form of a business application integrated with the core system.

Download the e-book ISO 20022: a new standard in a complex environment and see how our proprietary solution, Payres, supports ISO 20022 migration and future-proof data usage.

Download e-book ISO 20022: a new standard in a complex environment for free!

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This ebook discusses:

  • what opportunities emerge from creating a common language and payment data model introduced by the ISO 20022
  • what is the proposed timeline for ISO 20022 across different payment systems worldwide
  • what is the challenge in MT to MX conversion (with examples!)
  • what banks can do in the interim period, when the entire IT infrastructure is being redefined
  • how an independent MT/MX converter integrated with the core system can be used to increase market advantage in the long term

About the author :

Jacek Nowak

He started his professional career in the banking sector. In 2004, he founded CCA and has acted as chief executive and business analyst ever since. He has always been fascinated by mobile payment solutions and improving user experience in banking.