Case studies Credit Agricole Bank Polska

 Case study: Credit card service system

The credit card system provided by CCA has cut the cost of IT architecture maintenance at Credit Agricole Bank Polska.


Credit Agricole Bank Polska is part of the Credit Agricole Group, one of the largest and most stable financial groups worldwide. In Poland, the Credit Agricole Group has been operating since 2001, following the acquisition of 75% of shares of LUKAS Bank. The company has over 4,500 employees.


The project implemented by CCA focused on the modernization of IT architecture supporting credit card payments. For Credit Agricole, this is one of the most sensitive business areas. A denied card payment due to a malfunction can negatively affect the client’s emotions.

The bank sought a provider able to develop a completely new credit card payment processing system in the form of a core banking system module based on PROFILE. Migration of all card data to the central banking system was also part of the project.


The project deadlines were very tight. CCA Europe has reorganized its internal structure to meet the project standards applied by international institutions such as Crédit Agricole.

To improve the project course, CCA moved the company’s location to the same building as the bank’s headquarters. This allowed the members of the joint team to discuss the work on a daily basis and overcome the bottlenecks together.

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Integration of the legacy systems with the core systems has brought significant savings in terms of maintenance. It also enabled further development of Crédit Agricole by more agile adaptation of IT systems to the changing business needs.