Customer experience in banking: CCA, NTT Poland and Startquestion launch a partner consortium

The three technology companies that have combined their unique expertise aim to bring banks closer to their customers. Their initiative is to provide IT solutions that would listen closely to the voice of customers and provide real-time feedback.

Software company CCA, the Polish branch of the global IT provider NTT Poland and Startquestion have joined forces in three areas: VoC, banking software expertise and global IT know-how. The long-term aim of the partnership is to improve the quality of customer experience in banking not only in Poland but also globally.

Customer Experience First

In the coming years, customer experience (CX) will undoubtedly be a growing area of interest for business.

According to the latest report by NTT Ltd. titled 2020 Customer Experience Benchmarking, 81.6% of respondents believe that CX increases company competitiveness. In addition, 58% consider positive customer experience as the organization’s main competitive advantage. And this is not just empty words. According to data, the number of organizations using knowledge collected based on CX to improve products and services has almost doubled in the last 12 months.

A well-planned strategy based on feedback from customers is important in building positive customer experience. Intuitive CX solutions anticipate the information that customers may need and provides it in a timely manner to reduce the search to the necessary minimum. Knowing why customers contact the company, it is possible to design smart digital environments using data and automation to proactively generate information and easily distribute it across different communication channels.

The authors of the report emphasize that it is vital to skillfully use technology as a key factor in enabling correlation between CX and business results. Organizations that understand and track the added value coming from CX, recognizing it as a key element of their strategy, offer a much better quality of customer service. 28.3% receive recommendations from clients (against an average result of 9.5%), and only 19.3% receive critical comments (compared to 64.2% of other companies).

Efforts to improve the quality of customer experience brings measurable profits. As stated by the NTT report, organizations using customer feedback programs have noted significantly higher benefits from CX improvement than others: 64.9% saw a growth in customer loyalty and value, 50% improved their revenues/profits, and 38.4% also reduced costs. In turn, the authors of the report CX Drivers prepared by Deloitte have forecast that the combination of technological possibilities and careful tuning into the voice of the customer is a way to new business models that will prove successful in changing markets, under the ever-growing competitive pressure.

Banking meets real customer needs

CCA, NTT Poland and Startquestion aim to implement solutions supporting the further development of the CX in banking. They intend to set new standards for customer service, based on the study of their actual needs.

– Deployment of IT solutions in banking requires in-depth knowledge of its processes, both in terms of technology and business. Our software house’s know-how and many years of experience will allow us to implement solutions that use the dormant potential of bank customer data, in-line with the concept of Data-Driven Banking – explained Jacek Nowak, CEO of CCA

– NTT Ltd. Works with organizations all over the world, including banks and financial institutions, which want to grow and deliver using smart solutions, i.e. data-based, connected, digital and secure – says Aneta Bartnicka, President of the Board of NTT Poland. – We have over twenty years of experience in the area of CX. Our services and technological offer supports all customer interaction points, from digital self-service spots, to contact centres, to direct contact with the customer. We also offer semi- and fully automated interaction solutions based on machine learning and robotics – added President of NTT Poland.

– Startquestion is one of the largest and most advanced platform for online research. We are convinced that the combination of our approach focused on listening to the client with advanced banking IT solutions will allow us to create a new quality of obtaining VoC to build a Customer Experience strategy – concluded Piotr Sadowski, CEO of Startquestion.

The consortium is working on a joint offer. For more information, please contact the CEO of CCA, Jacek Nowak,

About CCA Europe

CCA has been operating on the Polish market since 2004. The company offers a full spectrum of developer services for the financial sector, including core banking development, business applications, testing and Data-Driven Banking solutions. The clients of CCA include, e.g. Crédit Agricole Bank Poland and ING Group.

About NTT Poland

NTT Poland is part of NTT Ltd., a leading global provider of technology services. We are a global partner of organizations that want to be successful thanks to smart technological solutions. In this context, smart means data-based, connected, digital and secure solutions. As a global supplier, we have significant potential and scale of operations. We employ over 40,000 people in a diverse and dynamic workplace covering 57 countries, supporting clients in over 200 countries and regions. Together, we create a digital future.

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About Webankiecie

Startquestion has been providing online survey solutions since 2007, enabling making the right business decisions. Webankieta is the official technology partner of the Polish Society of Market and Opinion Researchers, an organization of several hundred professional market researchers. The platform also received the recommendation of PTBRiO. The company’s clients include organizations from the banking and insurance sector, including ING Bank Śląski, Santander Bank, PZU, Alior Bank, Link4, Compensa and Aviva.

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